2017 Quarterly Review: April – June

This post can get very long due to the number of my goals so I’ve decided that the following will be the new format of the quarterly reviews. I’m just going to have little blurbs under each one to quickly explain what’s happened or is happening.

Comment below if you got here from the CodeNewbie chat, enjoy!

Personal Goals:

  1. Low-Sodium Diet
    1. Achieved
  2. Health/Weight Loss
    1. I’m still working on (more like struggling with) this. Once I get things in order this week I’ll sit down on Sunday and write out a manageable plan. Though I am walking up and down stairs by choice at work so that’s helping.
  3. Increase water intake
    1. Smashed it out of the park! I take in around 40-80 ounces of water a day. The water cooler near my desk at work helps.
  4. Daily exercise
    1. I walk up and down the stairs at work by choice and that’s about it right now. I’m going to the gym in my apartment building starting on Monday.
  5. Make an actual exercise plan
    1. This has already been done but I’ll revise it on Sunday.
  6. Be more strict with my budget
    1. Even though I have a job now I’m still super strict with my budget. I’m in the process of editing my budget every day due to new bills and such. It’ll be an on going process for a few months.

Professional Goals:

  • p01. Acquire employment
    • I’ve been a Full Stack developer at a local hospital since the end of June!
  • p02. Learn Angular
    • My new job required it so I’ve already learned 2 & 4 and I use it every day at work.
  • p03. Increase my SQL and Datastore knowledge
    • Work has also caused my knowledge of SQL to skyrocket.
  • p04. At least one TDD project that gets finished.
    • I actually get to use TDD at work and it’s freaking awesome!
  • p05. Attend a conference in my field.
    • I don’t think this is happening this year. There’s nothing in the area or within traveling distance.
  • p06. Read 12 books
  • p07. Attend 5 or more meetups
    • I might be able to pull this one off. The local .Net meetup took a break after the founder passed away but it looks like it might start up again. That and I’ve joined a few more groups. This goal will be a look easier now that I own a car!
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