2017 Quarterly Review: January – March

I know I tend to ramble in these posts and that most people won’t be that interested in it but it’s a good way to keep myself accountable in my goals.

So with that in mind, I’ll keep it short and there will only be two sections to this post: The Goals, and Successes & Failures.

Let’s jump into it!

The Goals:

Personal Goals:

  1. Low-Sodium Diet
  2. Health/Weight Loss
  3. Increase water intake
  4. Daily exercise
  5. Make an actual exercise plan
  6. Be more strict with my budget

Professional Goals:

p01. Acquire employment
p02. Learn Angular
p03. Increase my SQL and Datastore knowledge
p04. At least one TDD project that gets finished.
p05. Attend a conference in my field.
p06. Read 12 books
p07. Attend 5 or more meetups

Successes & Failures:

  1. I’ve succeeded to the point that most all of my home-cooked meals are low-sodium so I’ve easily already met the percentage goal I set for October.

  2. I’ve failed at losing any weight at all and in fact, have gained some weight. I’m not going to let this slow me down or bother me because I have been dealing with an issue that had until recently stopped me from exercising. As far as the health aspect I’ve been slowly adding in healthier activities such as long walks, daily exercise, and I’ve taken up Tai Chi again.

  3. I’ve met this goal and I’m holding steady at 6-8 cups of water a day which puts me ahead of my June timeline.

  4. For the most part, I exercise every day that I’m able to. I don’t want to say I’ve succeeded or failed at this goal as it’s more of an ongoing daily aspiration

  5. I did achieve this goal in January and have everything in place now all that’s left is execution.

  6. I’ve absolutely succeeded in this goal which is all there is to say about it.

p01. I’m sad to report I am not employed at this time.

p02. I’m working with a mentor, there’ll be another post about this, and while planning out a project Angular was decided on for JS but I haven’t implemented it yet.

p03. This is really about the same as the above.

p04. I’m currently working on a project and will be using TDD once all of the wire-frame work is finished.

p05. The opportunity has not yet though I’m still on the lookout for one I’d be able to attend.

p06. So far I’m 4 books into this goal and I won’t bore you with the list here but you can check out my Booklog to find out more.

p07. There haven’t been any meetups I’ve been able to attend yet but the year isn’t over yet!

That about wraps this all up. Thanks for sticking with me this far!

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