The First Week at My New Job

If you haven’t kept up with my Twitter then surprise I have a job!

I started work as a software developer at a local hospital last Monday. I’m not going to disclose their name because right now I work for a staffing company and I’m based in the hospital. Fingers crossed though that I might get hired on at the end of the contract.

By now I’m sure you’re wondering what I do. Another developer and I were brought on to help make a new expandable version of an internal application that manages phone calls in a call center environment. What’s a call center doing in a hospital you ask? Stay tuned to future posts to find out why.

What I can tell you right now is that the project is very green field and still being designed. As a developer, I couldn’t ask for anything better than building something new with new technologies. The only issue is that I barely know some of these technologies so I’m scrambling to not only learn them but deal with unpacking in my new apartment and getting my “new to me” car all fixed up.

The new technologies I’m learning are TypeScript, Angular 2, and a Restful API. I have to say a Restful API because honestly, I don’t know enough about it yet to know if it’s its own thing or just a description of a kind of technology. Let’s get into a short review of my first week.

Day 1:

  • I met the rep from the staffing agency and was led to my new workspace
  • Got introduced to the team
  • Found out I didn’t have a desk or a computer yet
  • Got my security badge and network logins
  • Went over the UML design of the database

Day 2:

  • Started to install Visual Studio and all of my tools
    • It took six and a half hours
  • Made backup batch scripts for all of my documents
  • Watched Pluralsight and read articles about the new tech
  • Learned the food truck schedule

Day 3:

  • Saw a dead body in a body bag when I walked through the morgue
    • Debated not having lunch that day
  • Finished installing all of my new software.
  • Got some new RAM and installed it in my PC
  • My PC no longer recognized the hard drive anymore
  • Went to helpdesk and gave them my broken computer
  • Sat around the office and read developer books

Day 4:

  • Got a newer better PC
    • I went from an i5 to an i7
    • Rejoiced that I had made that backup script
  • Started installing all of my tools again
  • Watched Pluralsight
  • Finally ate at a food truck and fell in love with Souped Up

Day 5:

  • Finished installing all of my tools
  • Started a test project to learn everything on my own
  • Got my own file cabinet and a key

That’s about it, so far my next step is to figure out what I really need to do and write out an action plan.

Feel free to drop any wisdom you might have for me below in the comment section! I’m always open to ideas.