I thought I would share the free tools that I use or ones that I like but don’t use at the moment. This list is in no particular order.

Currently using:

    • Buffer – I use Buffer to schedule posts on multiple Social Media Platforms. It helps me stay on top of what I am saying and where.
    • Google Apps – I use Google’s Calendar, Documents, Email, Free Storage, and Chatting for just about everything. It really is a mobile office.
    • HipChat – This allows me to have my own private Chat Rooms where I can talk to multiple people at once. It’s great for team projects when you want to talk in real-time while being able to share documents, links, and files with the entire group.
    • Skype – I use Skype for Instant Messages or Video Conferences. *My SkypeID is ChristopherJohnson85*
    • Trello – I love this app, it’s a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. It’s a great way to keep track of everything involved in something from a software project, to a trip, to a honey-do list. My favorite thing about Trello is the Facebook-like social media conversations you can have with the team on the back of every card/task. This makes it easy to know who said what, and see files and photos team members share regarding the task.
    • WordPress – WordPress is what I use for this website. It’s my favorite go to for blogs and information websites.
    • Evernote – This has almost become my only notebook. I can access it in any browser and on any of my devices. It allows me to place notes in several different notebooks and add tags to them to easily be able to find whatever I need. I love the mobile app on my phone the most because I can quickly type up a note, handwrite a note, snap a picture, add my GPS location to the note and search by that, and my favorite feature is voice recording. Though at times it’s still more appropriate to pull out pen and paper to jot something down. Personally I think it’s still rude to be on your phone when in a one-on-one meeting but the world is starting to think otherwise.
    • Wunderlist – Wunderlist is my favorite To-Do application because it’s simple yet powerful. It allows you to create lists and add items to that list. Simple right? Well, you can take it a step further and then add those lists to a folder. This would allow you to keep track of a project easily. I don’t use this app for projects, but it wouldn’t be hard to do. One of my favorite features is sharing a list with someone. You can also delegate tasks and make comments on the lists of others though I haven’t had a need for those powerful features yet.
    • YNAB – YNAB stands for “You Need A Budget” and you absolutely do. I do want to point out that YNAB is a Paid app though they give you a 34 Day Trail. I’ve used all sorts of online tools both free and paid and YNAB, for me, trumps them all. Fair warning YNAB is a Desktop Application available on Windows and Mac. They do have mobile apps, but they are just for viewing and adding purchases to your budget. You can import your transaction manually to YNAB, but it’s not something like Mint that automatically keeps up with your bank account. I love YNAN over everything else because it promotes and encourages mindful budgeting. It also encourages you to give absolutely every dollar you make a job even if you want to put it into savings. If you follow their 4 Rules the goal is to be able to live this month from last month’s income thus breaking your month to month paycheck cycle. I could write an entire article on YNAB and I plan to, so I’ll leave it at that.
    • Pocket – Pocket has almost replaced my bookmarks. You can save web pages to read later and assign them tags. One of the great things about this is that Pocket will save an actual copy of whatever you pocketed. It’s basically a web clipper. I use it all the time to save articles I don’t currently have the time to read.
    • Drive – I know this is part of Google Apps at the top of the list, but I thought it deserved its own spot. I use Drive for all of my document backups and with 15 GB of free space I have yet to use half of my available storage.
    • Noisli – This is a free in-browser app and Chrome plugin that allows you to make and save background noise. As a software developer, this is one of my favorite tools. I can just start up one of my saved tracks and relax as I get to work. Noisli is a great focusing tool. 
    • MeetingBurner – I love using MeetingBurner for quick “face-to-face” meetings. I can easily setup a meeting and invite others so we don’t have to exchange Skype information. It allows me to share my screen and gives the option for participants to call in and listen. At the moment, I just use the free version because it has all the features I need.

Have used:

    • Dropbox – Alright so technically I still use Dropbox but hardly ever. I stopped using Dropbox when Drive started offering 15 GB of free storage as compared to Dropbox’s 2GB. YNAB requires a Dropbox account for its cloud syncing feature which is what allows their mobile apps to view and edit your budget. I also like to keep Dropbox around just in case I ever need it as some mobile apps still only backup to Dropbox.