Moving the Website

One of the reasons I’ve been so quiet lately is that I’m slowly creating a new version of the website from scratch. In the previous post I mentioned all of the technologies I planned to implement. After some thought I just can’t in good conscience make the website that way. One of the traits a good developer has to have is knowing which technologies to use for which jobs and how to get things working with as little work and code as possible. Which of course is not to say you don’t create a good product just that you shouldn’t over build something.

With that in mind I’ll be deciding between three options all of which will be hosted on GitHub Pages:

  1. Jekyll
  2. Straight up HTML, JavaScript, and Bootstrap
  3. Angular

In all honesty I’m really just considering 1 and 3 but having 2 as an option helps keep things in perspective.

The main reason behind all of this is of course having a website that I built myself. I will end up converting the Open School Library project to use an API layer as well as a few other changes in the design concept. I figure that should still be a good project to showcase my skills with.

Keep working towards your goals everyone!

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