Add Delimiter to File

Why the program was created:

This was originally a side project I made to add a delimiter symbol to a file with all 999 Dewey Decimal entries.
The issue was that I had all of the information I needed, but it was completely unusable. I needed a way to quickly add a delimiter symbol to every line exactly three characters in. The initial method was hard-coded and worked just fine. I decided that the method might be useful in the future so I made it into a reusable class. After talking about it in a Slack community, I was urged by some fellow developers to make a small app and upload it to GitHub so they could snag a copy.

The application is a little limited right now but since the formatted data is stored in a DataTable I plan on adding some more useful functionality to the program. I want it to be able to not only add a delimiter to a file but be able to take the data from the file, display the data after the symbol is added so the user can verify it, and finally push that information to either an existing database table or create a new one.

What the program does:

The program opens a file and then adds a delimiter symbol X characters into a newline. The user enters which symbol they want to use and the number of characters within a newline they wish to go.

More Photos and Information will be coming very soon.

Link to Project: