What’s Going on Around Here

Well I can’t say much is happening on the site right now. I have several posts and a few series lined up but as some of you know I started a new job in June and it’s taken me a while to get used to my new sleep and work schedule. Usually by the time I get home and tidy up I just want to veg out somewhere. Combine all of that with the random car issues I’ve been having to deal with and time just seems to not slip through my finger but vanish altogether.

Now that I’ve gotten a handle on my schedule and my new responsibilities I have a better grasp of how my free-time works. With all of that in mind I plan on rethinking my current goals and changing whatever won’t fit into the time I can allot for myself.

One of the things I plan on making time for is a new side-project namely creating my personal website from scratch. For the longest time I’ve resisted learning WordPress because it never made sense to me to learn something I wasn’t interested in if I didn’t have to. With that in mind I’ll be building my website with an Angular front-end and an ASP.NET WebApi 2 back-end using Entity Framework. That means I have to change my hosting plan and figure out the most cost effective way to host the site.

That’s about it for now, I’ve rambled on long enough for today and I have to actually get to work now. I’ll be doing these “micro-posts” more often to break up the silence between larger posts. I’ll also be scheduling the posts to go out in the mornings so I can build up a small cache of them.

Keep working towards your goals everyone!

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