Year in Review: 2017

Another year has come and gone and oh what a year it was.

Ignoring all of the political and social things that happened last year I thought it was a good year. Well for me at least.

Some notable highlights from my 2017 that I’ll expand on in the future include:

  • I got my first job since having my kidney transplant
  • I got to move into an awesome new apartment
  • I was able to get a car thanks to family
  • I generally felt happier because everything seemed to be going my way because of all the hard work I put in
  • I randomly had a case of Bell’s palsy for two months

I don’t want to go into too much detail because I know the review of my goals will make this a massive post.  Just a quick update on the new website, it’s going well and should be up at the end of February.

Now on to the goals which I’ll keep in short bullet point format for the sake of brevity.


Personal Goals:
  • 01. Low-Sodium Diet
    • 99% of the time.
  • 02. Health/Weight Loss
    • I didn’t make it to a walk because they canceled it.
    • I do weigh more than I did at the start of last year but I’m a lot stronger and have a lot more stamina.
    • I haven’t been exercising too much during the Winter.
  • 03. Increase water intake
    • I drink about 32 oz a day as a minimum.
  • 04. Daily exercise
    • Nope. I’m trying to get into the habit but I haven’t gotten it to stick yet.
  • 05. Make an actual exercise plan
    • I did this several times but nothing has stuck. At least I know what I can and can’t do now.
  • 06. Be more strict with my budget
    • I’m very good at budgeting and not going over just not logging when I spend money.
Professional Goals:
  • p01. Acquire employment
    • I started out on a 6-month contract, then it was extended by 3-months which is where I am now. I’m hoping they’ll want to bring me on board permanently but we’ll see.
  • p02. Learn Angular
    • Before we switched to a desktop application I was writing the front-end in Angular 2 and then Angular 4 when we decided to upgrade.
  • p03. Increase my SQL and Datastore knowledge
    • This went pretty well as my job requires me to write SQL queries and stored procedures.
  • p04. At least one TDD project that gets finished.
    • Failed. Just flat out didn’t do one.
  • p05. Attend a conference in my field.
    • I couldn’t afford the only one close to me that I knew about
  • p06. Read 12 books
    • I made it to 8 I believe. I kind of lost track once I started working.
  • p07. Attend 5 or more meetups
    • I attended one meeting because that’s all that was available this year.
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