Hi there I’m Christopher,
I’m a Full Stack developer from Kentucky that ended up in Buffalo, NY.

What I’m Excited About

I’m always excited about .Net Core which is what I choose to spend most of my time in these days.
It’s the technology I plan to center the blog around.

I have a bit of a hobby refactoring code. There’s just something about taking a massive block of code and condensing it down into a one line statement that I love.

Like this method from a Codewars kata:

 // Classic Loop Solution
 public static int GetVowelCount(string str)
    int output = 0;
    var vowels = new char[] { 'a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u' };
    foreach (var item in vowels)
        output += str.Count(x => x.Equals(item));
    return output;

// A more modern Linq Solution
public static int GetVowelCount(string str) => str.Count(i => "aeiou".Contains(i));

Though you don’t always want to have one line functions for the sake of debugging.

Outside of Tech

I like to go camping, hiking, and being outside in general which is why I fell in love with Allegany State Park.

I have a slight obsession with board games and table top games like D&D.
Right now I’m in an amazing D&D 5e pirate campaign where I play a Water Genasi Druid who happens to have a -2 charisma.

What I want you to remember

Software Development isn’t just my profession it’s what I love to do in my downtime too.
That means I’m a continual learner. If there’s something I don’t know I’ll absolutely make note of it then spend time learning more about it.
When you get right down to it I like to solve problems.